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A Day At The Park —

A Day At The Park

Daisy At The Park

I took Daisy to the park and she had the absolute best time. You can tell how happy she looks in this picture. The fresh air and just getting out of the house both did us some good. I can’t get over how photogenic she is. She’s momma’s puppy love, my pride & joy.

Quote By: Ernest Hemingway —

Quote By: Ernest Hemingway

This quote really speaks to me and I wanted to share it because when I write, I am always digging deep inside my soul. My writing really does come from the heart and real things that I have been through myself, although my poetry is fiction, I would still say that many are life-inspired. I do write about “what hurts”.

eBay Seller 101 — September 16, 2019

eBay Seller 101

Check out what I do when I’m not writing!

I have 3 years of experience working with eBay and providing products to my customers with 5 star results. Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal and I pride myself on administering brand new items as well as top notch quality used items with fast shipping.

Here’s my website. This will link you right to my store. Shop now! I have many goodies just waiting to be bought!


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I masturbate my thoughts here.. Seriously..

The Wild Heart of Life

"He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life." ...James Joyce

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www.dvstesting.cloobodqxb.ru/ -- thаn уоu dismоuntеd zеаlоus sех, sех fоr thе mаin mееting оr rеquеstеd in соnsеquеnсе оf sех hеrе hеrе.


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